Nails Master Class

Monday, July 4th, 2016

In February I decided to signed up for an online Nail shapes & structure Master class with Ela Loszczyk.

We (Phoebe & Rochelle) already have our Gel & Acrylic certificates from Young Nails Tech in Anaheim, CA.  but I wanted to learn more advanced techniques to be able to offer extreme shapes to our clients at Shear Fashion Salon located in San Jose, CA.

We have been competing in the Nails Magazine Cover Tech contest for the last 4 years, placing in the top 10 each year but never closer than 2 runner up so,  I started searching for a class that would offer proper structure for sculpting extreme shapes.  We’ve taken lots of nail classes but none offered what Ela Loszczyk was teaching.

Ela Loszczyk has written two amazing books “Win the Nail Game” &  “Nail shapes structure compendium”  I highly recommend her books for anyone that wants to up their skills.

In her books she has many quotes, one of my favorite is “Fail to Prepare Prepare to Fail”  another one is “surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher”

This was an intense 8 week course, each week a different shape that was completed in both in Acrylic and Gel.

It was hard work, also trying to fine models to work on was a bit of a challenge,  she didn’t allow us to use a mannequin hand to practice on. I’m not going to lie it was a supper challenging trying to fit forms to puffy sidewalls, wide nails, bitten and even hooked nails, which you don’t get experience with sculpting on a mannequin hand.

There were a couple other things that made it extremely challenging, for some reason my computer wouldn’t play the audio unless I used ear phones, the video assignments were in HD so if you didn’t have a fast internet connection it was extremely slow to watch a 10min video. If your thinking about taking this course and you don’t have a newer computer or internet speed above 24mbps it would be easy to give up watching the assignments if your not patient.

I’m happy to say after 8 weeks, I have received both my Gel & Acrylic  Master Certificates!!

I know this is going to open many more opportunities for me!









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